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Lisa O’Hare, Bryce Pinkham, and Lauren Worsham 

Lisa O’Hare, Bryce Pinkham, and Lauren Worsham 

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First rule of undercover, you got to make it look real.

You want to make it look real, maybe you should be a little more affectionate with each other.

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Anonymous asked: I dig 1) how amazingly sweet you are, like for real and 2) how talented you are :) u r fab, ok


oh my gosh thank you so much anon :3 This means a lot to me <3!

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Anonymous asked: When Lionel drinks he becomes "vulgar", as Sibella put it. He becomes incredibly grope-y, and starts trying to whisper dirty things in her ear, regardless of the setting.


Sibella tries to hide his drinks as best as she can, but sometimes Lionel finds them and things go south. One time, during a dinner at Highhurst, came about a very uncomfortable situation because of it. Lionel had a drink hidden in his jacket, which Sibella did not notice until it was too late, and he was acting that way. It was subtle at first but those hands and those words and right at the dinner table. 

"Lionel, you’re being vulgar," Sibella says, looking Monty straight in the eye, loud enough so he can hear.

Monty felt his blood boil, but appearances have to be kept up, and it’s not his fault that he happened to stretch his legs as soon as Lionel got up to use the restroom. No, it’s not his fault that Lionel spent the rest of dinner passed out on the floor, the rest of them continuing happily around him.

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Anonymous asked: The only time that Sibella slept with Lionel was on their wedding night. Since then, Lionel's been trying various tactics to get his wife back in bed with him.


"Lionel, since when is the bed pink?"

"Don’t you like it? Want to try it out soon?"

"Of course! Maybe Phoebe would like to come over and see it!"

(cue the exasperated sigh from Lionel) “I was certain that would work” he murmurs to himself.

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Feel free to send some headcannons/AUs over any time!!! =)

Feel free to send some headcannons/AUs over any time!!! =)

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"Don’t you wanna be, the life of the party?"


"Don’t you wanna be, the life of the party?"

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Anonymous asked: Phoebe and Sibella have their first real fight (after Monty's release from prison, because I imagine Phoebe would have some choice words for Sibella before "That Horrible Woman"). During the fight, Phoebe yells something about how she and Monty don't really need Sibella.


It escalated so quickly, that neither of them could pinpoint how it started. One second they were discussing the proper way to make tea, and the next thing they knew, it became a full on fight. Phoebe was flashing back to the moment she first found out about Sibella’s feelings for Monty and Sibella started getting defensive and tensions were rising and Phoebe feels the words erupting from some place deep within her and she blurts out that she and Monty do not need Sibella, they were husband and wife, and where did Sibella fit in? Sibella refused to be spoken to like this and left Highhurst without another word. Phoebe thought this would make things better, she and Monty would finally have some time alone together, to be like your everyday couple. This feeling of hope did not last long, and one morning, Phoebe went into the kitchen looking for a cup of Sibella’s famous tea and when it wasn’t there, Phoebe realized that she missed Sibella, she needed Sibella there with her and Monty, and she started to cry. Monty found her and together they went to find Sibella, who happened to be staying at her old home. After some groveling (Sibella didn’t need convincing, she just wanted to seem like she did) Sibella agreed to come back to Highhurst. Phoebe and Sibella had their fair share of petty disagreements after this, but Monty learned that if he just left them alone together, they would be over their disagreement as quickly as it started, and turn on Monty instead (did you see how he left his socks on the floor today? do we girls have to do everything around here?)

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