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Aaron Tveit 54 below! aka one of the best nights ever!

So yesterday I was able to attend Aaron Tveit’s first ever concert at 54 below through the kindness of a girl who had an extra ticket <3 one of the perks of living close to NYC! So anyone, I have been a fan of Aaron Tveit since I saw him two years ago in Catch Me if You Can. So I knew that I *had* to do to this concert and it was absolutely amazing! So I will talk about some of the highlights  in case anyone cares =P

I’m Alive and Goodbye were just amazing. I mean they were the songs that everyone was waiting for and they were just as expected!

I usually hate When I Was Your Man, but i ADORED it when Aaron sang it! He just did it so well!

One Song Glory. Enough said. Amazing live.

Run Away with Me, I have to admit, you cannot beat the original 2008 Youtube video we all know and love, but of course it was still amazing.

And to my favorites. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together had me in stitches. I was dying. It was completely unexpected and he was so adorable and funny the whole time! It was probably the best thing I have ever seen. AND I Could Be in Love With Someone Like You from the Last Five Years, my favorite thing about live performances are the mistakes. And Aaron stopping the song and messing up after he specifically said he wanted to be better than Norbert cracked me up! It just made the whole night more special. and the irish accent! 

The rest was amazing as well, I especially liked A Case of You. Basically, this was one of the best nights ever. My only regret is that I could not meet him, but I am planning on going to a Broadway Show League so hopefully I can see him there!